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Wellbeing Activities

Our Wellbeing Activities And Tours

Enjoy leisure and well-being activities including organic soap, creams, and candle-making workshops in our designated studio space built in a converted barn, touring nearby historical sites in a comfortable 4x4, and connecting with nature in the untamed Transylvania.

Our beautifully converted large-sized barn is home to the designated workplace for crafting organic, vegan, and natural skincare and home products such as soaps, creams, and candles. Every participant will have complete freedom over what types of products they want to create while being supervised and taught by our experts. All the materials needed will be provided by us at no additional cost.

When not learning about the soap-making craft, we will be going on guided tours in our comfortable 4x4 to the numerous fortified churches and historical sites around Garbova, providing a complete experience of Transylvania. By the end of our carefully curated tours, we will have discovered the multi-millennial gold regions, the Dacian and Roman heritage, and many interesting aspects of Romanian history mostly unknown by the vast majority of people, as well as the beautiful outdoor scenery and the untamed wilderness of Transylvania.

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