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We are a typical Transylvanian Saxon household whose history has been retraced as far back as the 1300s. We are located in the Southern Transylvanian Hills, in the old center of the historical Garbova village. Only 150 meters from us is the citadel, one of the oldest in Transylvania, dating back to 1241. Behind us, you will find the Romanesque basilica, a fortified church dating from the same period. In the nearby forest, on the top of a high hill, the ruins of a 14th Century medieval fortress overlook the village.

In June 2021, we undertook a careful restoration of the building, trying to keep the spirit and the authenticity of the original fortified house while also bringing it the necessities for modern comfort and the purposes we indented to give to this glamorous ensemble of buildings.

What We Have To Offer

The Saxon House is a traditional Saxon house reimagined as a boutique guesthouse that aims to deliver a comprehensive all-inclusive experience of Transylvania exploring its history and beauty. The Saxon House experience consists of specific activities tailored to the needs of couples with different passions.

The Saxon House offers packages for couples with different interests that still want to spend a lovely holiday together. Our package consists of two activities for both parties:

For the motorcycle enthusiast of the couple, we offer guided tours on a mix of paved and unpaved backroads discovering the unbeatable charm of the hidden gem of Europe, Transylvania. Our location allows easy access to the world-renowned Transalpina and Transfagarasan routes, and to the Apuseni mountains, the only volcanic mountains of the mighty Carpathians. The motorcycles are provided by us and included in the price of the room. Please contact us if you would like to bring your own motorcycle.

For the other half of the couple, we offer the possibility of guided tours exploring a mix of historical, natural, and charmful destinations while traveling in our comfortable and spacious 4x4 Isuzu D-Max. After the tours, relaxing workshops on manufacturing organic products such as soaps and creams will be held in our designated studio space located in a beautifully converted barn. 

In the afternoon, both groups will be reunited at The Saxon House and will enjoy meals made with local and organic ingredients, the famous velvety and full of flavor white and pink Garbovan wines, the many brandies produced locally, and the only gin made from grape alcohol in a state of the art modern distillery located in the village. Cow, sheep, and goat cheese, organic eggs and vegetables, smoked meats, and many kinds of local bread will also be provided.

By the end of the Saxon House experience, everyone will have discovered the multi-millennial gold regions, the Dacian and Roman heritage, and many interesting aspects of Romanian history mostly unknown by the vast majority of people.

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